Antony Gormley


Launches 19 November 2015

EVENT HORIZON will be the largest public art project ever installed in Hong Kong with support from visionary landlords and welcomed by the HKSAR Government. The work was originally conceived in the year when for the first time, over half of the planet's human population were recorded as living in cities. 31 sculptures looking out into space will be mounted at both street level and building tops across Hong Kong's Central and Western districts, questioning how the built world relates to an inherited earth.
'Event Horizon captures the particular time of a particular body: a subjective place. The principle dynamic of the work is the relationship between imagination and the horizon, involving the citizen in a game of seeking and perhaps finding. Beyond those figures that you can actually see, how many more are out of sight? Where is the meeting place of earth and sky? Through the catalyst of EVENT HORIZON, I want the city of Hong Kong to become a place of reverie that invites reflection on human nature and our place in the wider scheme of things', says Antony Gormley.

EVENT HORIZON will be on view until May 2016.


Installation view, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2012
Photograph by Vicente de Mello

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