Antony Gormley


CHORD is Antony Gormley's latest site-specific permanent public installation, now on view at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Building 2, which houses the Department of Mathematics and sections of the Department of Chemistry. A 40- foot-high spiral column made from a myriad of polyhedra, the work connects the floor of the building's central staircase to the skylight. In contrast to the fixity of the classical column or Brancusi's 'Endless Column', which make a solid bridge between above and below, CHORD evokes a dynamic relationship between matter and energy in connecting earth to sky.

The work was commissioned through MIT's Percent-For-Art Program which is administered by the MIT List Visual Arts Center.
CHORD is the artist's largest public commission in the US.

CHORD, 2015

Cellular stainless steel structure that comprises 33 polyhedrons that make up a vertical helical chain
905 stainless steel elements of varying section sizes and 541 stainless steel balls
Overall size: 1706 x 321 x 341 cm
Building 2, Massachusetts

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