Antony Gormley


Antony Gormley has been commissioned by The Box a new arts and heritage space in Plymouth to create a new sculpture for Plymouth's historic Hoe. LOOK II will be erected on the West Hoe Pier, a site where Sir Francis Chichester landed in 1967 as the first person to circumnavigate the globe by the clipper route in his boat the Gypsy Moth. 

LOOK II comprises 22 individual iron blocks that have been cast as one single element to create a twice life-size figure. Gormley's sculptural work celebrates the extensive labour and craftmanship that goes into working with natural materials like iron and draws parallels between his practice and Plymouth's legacy as a naval city of significant international importance.

Placed on the other side of the city centre from The Box complex, the work will link Plymouth Sound with The Box, and provide a source of inspiration for the people living city-wide and visitors alike. The singularity of the cast iron body encapsulates the artist's intention to transmit our old-world admiration for the skyscrapers of New York, while linking them to our megalithic past. Migration is integral to our evolution. Rather than sentimentalise or monumentalise the departure of the Mayflower in 1620, sculpture will express the tension between going and staying, and the twin human desires of making roots and yearning for adventure, and a life free from the constraints of history.

The work will be unveiled in Spring 2020.